2019 Book List!

  Hey y'all.. Happy New Year! (I'm 9 days late, but I wouldn't be my hot-mess self if I wasn't late at this like I am at everything else! 🙂)  It's *finally* snowing in West Virginia, so I'm curled up with some hot tea and a blanket ready to tackle this blog thing again! This is … Continue reading 2019 Book List!

Calling All Moms

Mommin' ain't easy. Anybody feel me? Not only is it not easy.. it's downright difficult sometimes. Exhausting. Overwhelming. Rewarding beyond your wildest imagination..  but still, it's hard. You know what makes it even harder? Other moms making you feel as if you don't have it hard enough. Other moms making you feel like you don't … Continue reading Calling All Moms